Links Not Crawlable with Elementor Accordion on Google PageSpeed Insights

Links Not Crawlable with Elementor Accordion

Are you tirelessly working on optimizing your website, only to be presented with the notorious ‘Links are not crawlable’ error on pages featuring Elementor Accordion? You’re not alone! Many have grappled with this issue, and it’s time to shed light on a nifty solution.

The Problem

A bug identified and reported to Elementor on 5/19/23, concerning the ‘Links are not crawlable’ error associated with the Elementor Accordion. The Elementor team is diligently addressing this glitch, but the complexity lies in the potential disruption that may occur if the <a> tags are replaced—a dilemma that could potentially break numerous existing websites.

The Solution

The good news? While we eagerly await Elementor’s definitive fix, there’s a clever workaround that could keep these tools happy. Picture this: appending a # at the end of the URL. Yes, it’s that simple! This quick fix not only pacifies Google Page Speed Insights but also earns nods of approval from other popular Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools.

By adding the # to the end of your URL, you’re essentially telling these tools, “Hey, we’ve got this under control until Elementor irons out the details.” It’s a smart maneuver that ensures your website remains optimized and glitch-free in the eyes of these critical performance evaluators.

From a technical stand-point. This error can be ignored for now. We’ve seen Google crawl, index, and feature our clients FAQ content with these errors present. This work around is to appease the tools, and is not generally a priority fix.