Google AdWords Account Redirect Loop

Google AdWords Account Redirect Loop

I recently encountered a challenge when an acquaintance approached me with issues related to setting up a Google Ads Manager account (previously known as Google MCC). The specific problem revolved around being stuck in a redirect loop during the registration process, a problem that seems to be affecting several users.

There are two common scenarios where users encounter difficulties in establishing their Google Ads Manager Account:

  1. Users who have set up a standard AdWords account but face obstacles when attempting to register for a new Ad Manager account, resulting in a redirect loop.
  2. Google Workspace users experiencing similar challenges, unable to create an Ad Manager account and encountering the frustrating redirect loop.

For those seeking a prompt resolution, the traditional route involves contacting Google Ads support, a process that typically spans a few days to a week and may entail multiple phone calls and emails.

Alternatively, for those seeking an immediate solution, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Create a new email address. (Gmail is a free option.)
  2. Register for a new Ad Manager account using the newly created email address.
  3. Log into your original account.
  4. Add the new email address as an administrator.
  5. Remove your original email address from the admin section.
  6. Register for a new Google Ads Manager account using your original email address.
  7. Re-grant access to your original email account and remove the newly created email from step 1.

By following these steps, you can bypass reaching out to Google support and overcome the redirect loop.