Home Improvement Company Saves $2285 Per Lead

Home Improvement Company Saves $2285 Per Lead

Client Overview

Our client, a home remodeling company, approached UP Marketing frustrated with the lackluster results of their previous PPC efforts. Having invested over $15,000 with minimal leads to show for it, they sought a more effective strategy to lower costs, increase exposure, and drive meaningful customer conversions.


The client faced the challenge of inefficient lead generation through their existing PPC campaign, with a high cost per lead and minimal conversion rates. UP Marketing was tasked with not only turning the tide but also significantly improving the return on investment for their advertising spend.

Strategy and Implementation

In-Depth Campaign Analysis

UP Marketing conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s existing PPC campaign, identifying pain points, inefficient spending, and areas for improvement. This formed the basis for a targeted and strategic overhaul.

Strategic Targeting and Ad Optimization

We crafted a highly targeted Local Service Ads campaign, ensuring the client’s ads reached the most relevant and interested audience. Ad creatives were optimized for maximum engagement, incorporating compelling visuals and persuasive copy to drive user action.

Cost-Effective Lead Acquisition

Through strategic bidding and ad placement adjustments, UP Marketing successfully lowered the client’s cost per lead acquisition to an impressive $34. This not only made the campaign more sustainable but also maximized the client’s budget for increased exposure.

Budget Optimization

Recognizing the need for efficiency, we strategically restructured the client’s PPC budget allocation, focusing on high-performing keywords and times of day. This resulted in a substantial reduction of their monthly marketing spend by $13,000, without compromising on lead quality.

Team Training

To ensure seamless lead management, UP Marketing provided comprehensive training to the client’s customer service team. This covered lead handling, refunds, and follow-ups, empowering them to capitalize on the increased influx of potential customers.


Explosive Customer Conversions

In the first 30 days post-implementation, the optimized Local Service Ads campaign generated an impressive 46 customer conversions. This marked a significant turnaround from the previous campaign’s lackluster performance.

Drastic Cost Per Lead Reduction

The cost per lead was successfully lowered to $34, a remarkable improvement from the client’s initial investment. This not only increased the affordability of lead acquisition but also enhanced the overall campaign ROI.

Substantial Budget Savings

By strategically reallocating the budget and optimizing campaign elements, UP Marketing successfully reduced the client’s monthly marketing spend by $13,000. This allowed for sustained and impactful advertising without unnecessary financial strain.

Empowered Customer Service Team

The client’s customer service team was effectively trained to manage the increased lead flow, ensuring timely responses, efficient handling of refunds, and effective follow-ups. 


UP Marketing’s targeted and strategic approach to revamping this home remodeling company’s PPC campaign not only generated immediate results but also laid the foundation for sustained success. By focusing on efficient lead acquisition, cost reduction, and team empowerment, we transformed the client’s advertising landscape, delivering tangible business growth.